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  • MPOC 2009 Season
    MPOC 2009, first D3 season, many defeats, much stress, first MPOC podium finish.
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    ZOO are proud to announce that Angel Paintball Sports Asia and Angel Paintball Sports will be sponsoring ZOO for all future tournament events.
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    Teamwork is the key to triumph. Go ZOO!

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Welcome to team ZOO!

Stay in informed with the latest news including sponsor announcements, team photos and tournament results for team ZOO.

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MPOC Leg 2010 Champs

ZOO had a great start to the season finishing on top of the podium and losing only 2 games in the entire tournament.

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United Nations of ZOO

The players from team ZOO all live in Singapore but they also fly the flags of their countries of birth when they play at the World Cup Asia.

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ZOO SPS Champions

ZOO dominates the inaugural Singapore Paintball Series to be crowned champions in the Open Division.

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Pronunciation: \ˈzü\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural zoos
Etymology: short for zoological garden
Date: circa 1847

  1. a garden or park where wild animals are kept for exhibition b : a collection of living animals usually for public display
  2. a place, situation, or group marked by crowding, confusion, or unrestrained behavior <the convention was a zoo>
  3. a paintball team based in Singapore, just trying to compete, improve and succeed


ZOO were crowned Champions in the Open Division of the inaugural Singapore Paintball Series 2010 (SPS) last weekend. Fresh from our recent overall 2nd place in the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit series (MPOC), SPS 2010 was the first time that ZOO had competed as a team on home soil, as previous local tournaments had only ever catered for lower divisions.

ZOO finished the prelims ranked 2nd place, missing out on top spot by 1 ED point. This saw them facing in the Semi Finals SPS 2010 favorites Red West, whose team featured players from higher divisions than ZOO. In a close semi finals battle ZOO managed to narrowly defeat Red West for a spot in the finals against another local favorite Contract Killers.

The best of 3 game SPS 2010 Final was another tight battle. ZOO clean sweeped Contract Killers in their first game but found themselves facing defeat in the 2nd game, only to be let off with a draw when the opposition received a late and dubious one for one call. ZOO dug deep in the 3rd and deciding game, taking an early lead and never looking back.

ZOO's SPS team consisted of Grant Harrison (Owner/Capt), Brian Read, Allan Hernandez, Marcus Babao, Abdullah Alhadad, Chak Wong and Isk Ishak.

ZOO are now looking forward to continuing their run of podium finishes at this year's World Cup Asia 2010 to be held in KL, Malaysia in late November.

In the 4th leg of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit, ZOO had our 3rd podium finish for the season, coming 2nd to a determined Hammer Zero in a finals match that was interrupted by Monsoon rains and delays.

On Saturday ZOO had what we described as an average prelim result, finishing 2nd out of 9 teams and making it to the quarter finals. On Sunday ZOO managed to finish on top of our quarter finals group which saw us facing Rhymber X in the Semi Finals match. ZOO managed to defeat Rhymber X in 2 games giving us a chance at the championship against Hammer Zero.


Having won the first leg of MPOC earlier in the year, expectations were high for a good placing in Leg 2. With Abdullah taking time off to take care of the new addition to his family we slotted in young Robert Wild as a front player for his debut Division 3 tournament. We had a shaky first round losing a few matches due penalties and some strategy errors but we did enough to stay in the middle of the pack and make it to top 8. Quarter finals round robin bracket included the Street Mobsters (2nd place Leg 1) and Pandamonium and Overkill (teams that had beaten us in the first round). We managed to take out Street Mobsters in a hard drawn out battle only to be beaten by Pandominium in the next game. It was a do-or-die  Quarter Finals match versus Overkill (who on paper were the best team that weekend)  and we had to beat them to advance to the quarter finals. A penalty on their team opened the door for us to take advantage and grab the flag sending us into the Semi finals.

We drew CMX Bucaneers in a best of three semi finals match up. We had beaten them easily in the first round but they got the better of us in the first game getting early hits of the break and clearing us off the field one by one. The second game we had a good break out but Allan had a ball stuck in his hopper and had to frantically pull it apart to try and remove the ball. CMX took advantage of the open lanes and suck down the middle of the field taking out players in succession and bunkering out Allan just as he'd fixed his hopper. So it was off to the 3rd and 4th playoffs for ZOO Vs Ultimate Speed.

Photo courtesy of Hero Wang

Ultimate Speed had shown great form throughout the weekend. We managed to win the first game but they took early heads in the second game so it was down to the final game to decide who was going to take 3rd. They laned Robert off the break leaving us weak on the snake side and I was shot out not long after. The remaining players tried to hold on to the game but it wasn't to be our weekend, so we had to settle for 4th place. This finish should still keep us at the top of the Division 3 rankings for the season but we definitely have to go back to drilling hard to improve some elements of our game if we want to dominate as much as we did in Leg 1.

Thanks to Shameen from Angel Paintball Asia, Jane from Red Sevens and X-Fox for their help on the weekend. Stay tuned for more exciting news this week.

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ZOO goes in search of sponsors.

Following a year of great support from Napshot Paintball and KEE Action Sports for the 2008/2009 season, team ZOO are looking for sponsors for 2010.

With the best tournament record of any team in Singapore, team ZOO are still unfortunately without any team sponsors for the 2010 season. We are looking for financial sponsors willing to help us achieve our goals for 2010 and willing to partner with us as we expand our team and our brand. Currently each member of the team funds their own costs for training, travel and tournament expenses, which severely limits how much the team can train and how many tournaments we can enter during the year.


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