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Singapore Paintball Series 2012 LEG 1 (M5 Race to 2)
Team ZOO (Champions)
Singapore, July 2012

The Singapore competition, while not as challenging as international competitions, has always been one that we have competed in since 2008. Players from ZOO have been in winning teams every year since then. For the first time we had access to our own personal Angel A1 Fly markers which made a huge difference to the way we played. The field layout was challenging, with opportunities to win or lose on both sides of the field. In the Open Division it was a tough battle between all the teams and we were unsure whether we could match the experience of the Cherry Red Sevens senior team who had stacked their line-up with many of their past best players. It was an exciting weekend for ZOO and we managed to end the weekend as SPS Leg 1 Champions.

PALS Bangkok - Division 2 (M5 Race to 3)
Team ZOO (6th Place)
Bangkok, Thailand, March 2012

Again we were struggling for players for this tournament, so we joined forces with some local and international guest players to compete. It wasn't the best of days for us during the prelims - we dropped a game that was ours to win only because of our game time management and lacking a dedicate dorito side front player, we lacked the speed on this side of the field. We made the Top 8 only to face the top team Rockstar Canada in the quarter finals who hadn't lost a game all weekend. With scores at 1-1 we simply didn't have the fire power to contain them and we eventually lost the match 1-3. Rockstar went on to win the Division 2 Championship and we finished 6th based on our overall points during the competition.

MPOC Leg 1 / PRA Malaysian Open - Division 2 (M5 Race to 3)
Team ZOO (3rd Place)
KL, Malaysia, January 2011

A last minute decision to play this event meant that we were struggling for players, so with some local and international guest players, we weren't expecting to do that well. With a 4-1 win loss ratio in the prelims we surprised ourselves. We made the semi finals only to be defeated by CMX who eventually went on to win the event. A 3rd place was a welcome return to the podium for us.


Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) 2012
Overall Ranking Division 2 - 2nd Place

World Cup Asia 2011 Division 2 (M5 Race-to-2)
Team ZOO (17/40)

Langkawi, Malaysia November 2011

Our goal in our first season of Division 2 was to make the top 16 of the World Cup. Competing against 39 teams from around the world was going to make this goal no easy feat. While we played well, defeating many strong teams in our premlim matches, we didn't play well enough and missed out on a Top 16 finals place bu a mere 0.5 of a point. We did however finish the tournament with the Best of Nation Award for achieving the highest ranking of any Singapore team.

Singapore Paintball Series 2011 Open Division Leg 1 (M5)
Team ZOO (Champions)

Jurong / Singapore April 2011

Defending Open Division Champions ZOO had very little team training prior to the Singapore event. To add to the challenge, the organisers were allowing 2 international players to the rosters of each Open Division team which helped some of the newer teams boost their rosters with more experienced players from Malaysia. We had 6 matches on Saturday and probably played our worst afternoon of paintball I have see then team play in a long time. Lucky for us, another local favourite Red Sevens were having an even worse afternoon and by the end of the day we managedkto stumble into the Semi-Finals with only 3 wins out of 6. Sunday brought a new day and we changed up our breakout plans to try and take early heads off the break, lock certain bunkers and open up our snake side. We defeated Outlaws in the Semis 2-0 only to find ourselves up against training partners SKIN who took down another favourite team Contract Killers SG. We targeted SKIN's best players off the break and managed to lane them out or contain them enough to contain them. Another 2-0 result and ZOO win back-to-back Singapore Paintball Series Championships.

MPOC Division 2 (M5 Race to 2) Leg 2 Malacca Cup
Team ZOO (6th Place)

Malacca / Malaysia March 2011

ZOO's first official Division 2 tournament. After missing Leg 1 of MPOC due to player shortages the team were unsure how we would rate against other seasoned Division 2 teams. Saturday we started well cleaning up some of the higher ranked Division 2 teams with ease. We finished the Pre-lim rounds ranked 2nd overall and only lost one match out of 8 to the highest ranked Div 2 team Republic CMX. We came up against Urban X on Sunday for the quarter finals. We defeated them on Saturday but they turned up the volume on us on Sunday. The match was 1 point all and in the decider they proved too strong for us. While we were please with out overall results, falling short so early on Sunday was a bitter pill and we definitely made some errors that we'll need to work on for the next event.


MPOC 2010 Div 3 (M5) Leg 1
Team ZOO (Finals Champions)

Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia January 2010

The first tournament for 2010 and the team were hoping to continue our form from 2009. With many of last year's Top 5 Div 3 teams forced to move up to Division 2, for the first time we were probably one of the most experienced teams playing and we managed to finish round one on top of the leaders table with only 2 losses our of 10 matches. Determined to take home the top prize we continued our winning streak all the way to the finals not dropping a match in the Semis, Quarters or Finals matches. This is a huge achievement for not only the team but for the paintball club members who have all had a hand in our success.

MPOC 2010 Div 3 (M5) Leg 2
Team ZOO (Finals 4th Place)

Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
April 2010

Having just secured sponsorship from Angel Paintball Sports and Angel Paintball Sports Asia the team were excited to be shooting the Angel A1 Fly. We had high hopes of a podium finish this leg but our opposition got the better of us and we under-estimated a few teams on the way to the finals. Lessons learned for the next leg and our 4th place keeps us at the top of the MPOC series ladder.

Sultan of Kedah Cup Open Division
Team ZOO (10th Place Open Division)

Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
May 2010

Team ZOO found ourselves without our own markers to compete with after we fell victim to a business dispute at our local training field where our markers were stored. Joining forces with Dark Angels to play the Sultan of Kedah Cup feeder event in the Open Division was treated as a training session as we would be playing against Division 2 and Division 1 teams for a podium spot. The tournament didn't go as planned and we lost too many first round matches to make the next round. Despite our poor form, it was a great weekend as we brought a bus load of Div 4 teams up with us from Singapore to experience there first tournaments.

MPOC 2010 Div 3 (M5) Leg 3
Team ZOO (Quarter Finals 8th Place)

Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
April 2010

Still without markers and having not trained because of this, we were less than confident of doing well this leg. Despite using borrowed markers which were breaking down every game we played, we still finished the prelims 2nd ranked. Sunday we were confident that we could reach the Semis. This wasn't to be, our quarter finals opposition had scouted our plays and we were once again too predictable, not helped by the fact that our marker problems continued. We actually finished equal 5th with 3 other teams but due to the ED points system we were ranked 8th overall.

MPOC 2010 Div 3 (M5) Leg 4
Team ZOO (1st Runner's Up)

Padang Merbok - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
July 2010

We had our full squad back fro Leg 4 and with the support of Angel the team we're all shooting new Angel A1 Fly markers. Only 9 teams were competing in Division 3 and we we're determined to make it all the way to the finals to keep our chances /f winning the series championship alive. We finished the prelims in 2nd place and managed to win our bracket in the quarter finals. We came up against Rhymber X in the semi finals and won in 2 matches to find ourselves against Leg 3 champs Hammer Zero. Both our teams had equal match win records coming into the finals. Unfortunately within seconds of our first match starting monsoon rains stormed down on us and we lost focus, losing the firstkmatch. We were unsure if the best of 3 match could be finished due to the rain but it subsided enough an hour later for us to get back on the field. Unfortunately we didn't do enough pre-match checking of our markers and wet paint forced 2 markers out of action within seconds of the game starting. Hammer Zero took advantage of our lack of fire-power and quickly over-ran us to win the 2nd game and take the championship. We learn another vital lesson for the next tournament.

MPOC 2010 Div 3 (M5) Leg 5
Team ZOO (3rd Runner's Up)

Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
October 2010

Leading into this tournament, ZOO had moved from 1st on the Division 3 rankings to 2nd and by our calculations it would have taken a miracle for us to finish the season with an overall first place ranking. We easily moved through to the finals on Sunday, even with a few marker issues on day one. Sunday saw us competing against some strong teams from Malaysia's other paintball league MY-NPL, playing their first MPOC tournaments. The final four was ZOO, Hammer Zero, Grammaton Clerics and Demonz Lucifer X. Unfortunately our good form from Saturday didn't carry over to the finals and we fell short of our expectations finishing 4th for the tournament. This secured our 2nd place overall for the MPOC season and gave us an automatic promotion to Division 2 for the MPOC 2011 season.

Singapore Paintball Series 2010 Open Division (M5)
Team ZOO (Champions)

East Coast Park / Singapore
October 2010

ZOO had never competed on home soil with our current line-up so it was an exciting weekend for the team. Our expectations were high given that on paper we thought our line-up were far more experienced than the other Singapore teams competing. This changed when we found out that rivals the Red Sevens had imported higher ranked local players from Melbourne and had 3 of their Division 2 players in the team. With few teams entered in the Open Division we had an easy day one winning enough games to make the finals. Sunday had us drawn in the semi finals against the Red Sevens so we had to win for a chance at making the play-offs for first place. In a drama-filled 3 games, ZOO managed to defeat Red Sevens. The finals saw us playing Contract Killers in the best of 3 matches. We easily won the first game but made some silly errors in the 2nd game and had to play a 3rd game decider. It was close final game but we managed to hold on and take the Open Division title of the inaugural Singapore Paintball Series 2010.

World Cup Asia (M5) Division 3
Team ZOO (6th Place)

Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
November 2010

WCA 2010 was going to be our last tournament playing in Division 3. Competing against teams from India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines and Iran, the road to the finals wasn't going to be easy. With lots of rain, the field conditions were wet and muddy. Our pre-lim games went well and ZOO finished 2nd ranked in our group. In the Top 16 we had to defeat Joubin from Iran and Contract Killers to make the Quarter Finals which we did. Unfortunately we fell short of a semi-finals birth, loosing to Votolocos and Demonz Lucifer X in the Quarter Finals. We always hate losing, but 6th place from 40 teams was an improvement from our 2009 World Cup results.



MPOC 2009 Div 3 (M5) Leg 1
Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Started in 2004, the MPOC was one of the first paintball circuits in Malaysia and is recognised by the Millennium and PSP Series, the top tournaments in the USA and Europe respectively. It is also recognised by the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) and the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF). Our debut Div 3 tournament was certainly a learning experience.

MY-NPL (M5) Leg 1)
PSG Warfreaks
2 of our players Alan and Grant were guest players for PSG Warfreaks in their debut Div 3 tournament at MY-NPL. Having topped the Leg 1 rounds with a solid 9 wins in a row the team were knocked out in a best of 3 match in the next round.

MPOC 2009 Div 3 (M5) Leg 2
Team Damnation (5th Place)
Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
After a bad start on day one, TD limped into the final 16 'round 2' finals. Round robin rounds after this saw the team move on to the Top 8 and we were one win away from reaching the Top 4 finals. Our best result so far. (we also got 6 of our markers permanently borrowed after this event which was a bitter sweet end to the weekend - thankfully a month later they were returned)

MPOC 2009 Div 3 (M5) Leg 3
Team Damnation
Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Our worst leg with players out injured, broke or busy with work we scrambled to put a team together with players from Div 4 and completely new to paintball... We also didn't have any markers to train with since they went walk-about at the end of Leg 2. We were merely showing face but I was proud of some of our guest players for having the guts to walk on to the field and give it a go.

MPOC 2009 Div 3 (M5) Leg 4
Team Damnation (10th Place)

Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Another poor result for us. A few bad losses and we missed the top 8 cut. We finished 10th.

MPOC 2009 Div 3 (M5) Leg 5
Team Damnation (2nd Place)

Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
The last tournament of the season before World Cup Asia. We were hoping to at least score enough points to rank Top 10 in the overall season standings and did better than expected finishing runners up to eventual winners Eastsiderzz. Along the way we defeated many rivals who had beaten us in previous legs and the defeated the Div 3 Series leaders Oscar Legio X to make it to the finals. A great end to the season for us considering we were treating 2009 as a training  and recruitment year.

Malaysian Supa Lite Race to 3
JB Syndicate (3rd Place)
MAPAAC - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia Oct 2009
Grant, Allan and Marcus teamed up with JB Syndicate to compete in the Amateur Division of the MSL Supa Lite Race to three format. The team was made up of players from 3 different countries and as many teams and despite never having trained together or played in a tourny using markers in ramping mode, the team secured a solid 3rd place in the event.

World Cup Asia 2009 Div 3 (M5)
Team ZOO
(Top 16 - Best of Nation - Singapore Award)
Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Nov 2009
With the expansion of our paintball club we were able to enter 2 teams in Division 3 for the World Cup Asia, the senior team playing under the name ZOO and the other team playing under Damnation. We were having a little fun confusing the teams that know Damnation from the 2009 season. With some tough competition and 48 teams it was never going to be easy making it to the podium. For most of the players in the Damnation team this was their first eMarker tournament so they did well to come away with a few wins in the first round. ZOO with the senior players fought hard to make it to Sunday and the top 16. Unfortunately ZOO were knocked out by eventual 3rd place winners PPS Syndrome and some of their fellow teams.


SX3 - Southern Xtreme 3 v 3
Johor, Malaysia 27 August 2008

SPNS Leg 3 - Novice (3 man) - Red Dynasty
Team Damnation One - 3rd Place
Singapore 12 October 2008 Red Dynasty

MPOC Division 4 (M5)
JB Johor October 2008
Due to players being unavailable on this date Team Damnation
combined forces with Wargh! Nuts to field a full team

World Cup Asia 2008 Div 3 (M5)
Xtion Paintball - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 14-16 Nov 2008
The first time the team had ever used our new Invert Mini's on the field (no joke). Our defeat of fellow Singapore based team the Red Sevens was probably the highlight of the event as they had 2 years more experience than us and was probably the most spectated game of the entire WCA.

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