ZOO History

The founding members of ZOO first came together as a paintball team mid-2008 and since then have be determined to be one of the most successful teams from Singapore. ZOO is made up of Damnation players and ex-PSG Warfreaks players. Players from both teams joined forces in 2009 to tackle Division 3 at both MPOC and MY-NPL tournaments in Malaysia. InĀ  early 2010, ZOO became the first Singaporean paintball team to win a Malaysian paintball championship at MPOC leg 1, having come close with a 2nd place in leg 5 of MPOC the year before. ZOO were also named 'Best of Nation' at the 2009 World Cup Paintball event held in KL ,which featured over 120 teams from across the globe.

ZOO is just not a paintball team, we are a family who through paintball, get to share our experiences, knowledge and our enjoyment for tournament paintball with fellow paintballers.

Why ZOO?
Well the current players of Team ZOO are an eclectic bunch - not only varied races but from various countries of origin. While most of us would hate to be caged up - we do like trapping other paintball teams and capturing the odd trophy to exhibit. While the players aren't on the endangered species list, we do have a breeding program in place (not between team members thank you!) where new paintballers are trained to one day take their place at Team ZOO.

Aside from that strange explanation, ZOO is easy to spell, even easier to say and an English word universally recognised the world over, so we hope to create a unique and memorable team brand as we grow.

Check it out!