Team ZOO Champions MPOC Leg 1

Yes we've finally done it. The Damnation senior squad who now go by the name ZOO, set one goal for MPOC leg 1 and that was to come away with the top prize. We struggled last year in Division 3 trying to find a consistent and well balanced team, as well as still learning how to play tournament paintball and to play as a team. With constant line-up changes, the best result we achieved was a 6th place and that was with a lot of help from our Coach Agam. Things finally came together by mid 2009 with a 2nd place podium finish at MPOC Leg 5. We followed this up by winning the Best of Nation (Singapore) award at World Cup Asia for a less than satisfactory Top 16 placing in Division 3. With many of the 2 to 3 year veteran teams of Division 3 moving up to Division 2 in 2010, we had hoped to fair better this season given our current form. I will admit that without a few of the regular Division 3 teams in attendance at Leg 1, our goal was made a little more reachable but by no means were games any easier with the new ramping modes being allowed. This evened up the laning abilities of many Div 3 newcomers and gave them a lot more fire power at their fingertips. With only 2 losses the entire weekend, ZOO stormed our way into the quarters, semis and finals, not dropping a game and ending our last game in less than a minute to become MPOC Leg 1 Division 3 CHAMPIONS.

We couldn't have come this far without the support of many local and international players, shops and fields. You all know who you are so many thanks to all of you who have helped us along the way. This one was for all of you!!!


Check it out!