ZOO Place 4th at MPOC Leg 2

Having won the first leg of MPOC earlier in the year, expectations were high for a good placing in Leg 2. With Abdullah taking time off to take care of the new addition to his family we slotted in young Robert Wild as a front player for his debut Division 3 tournament. We had a shaky first round losing a few matches due penalties and some strategy errors but we did enough to stay in the middle of the pack and make it to top 8. Quarter finals round robin bracket included the Street Mobsters (2nd place Leg 1) and Pandamonium and Overkill (teams that had beaten us in the first round). We managed to take out Street Mobsters in a hard drawn out battle only to be beaten by Pandominium in the next game. It was a do-or-die  Quarter Finals match versus Overkill (who on paper were the best team that weekend)  and we had to beat them to advance to the quarter finals. A penalty on their team opened the door for us to take advantage and grab the flag sending us into the Semi finals.

We drew CMX Bucaneers in a best of three semi finals match up. We had beaten them easily in the first round but they got the better of us in the first game getting early hits of the break and clearing us off the field one by one. The second game we had a good break out but Allan had a ball stuck in his hopper and had to frantically pull it apart to try and remove the ball. CMX took advantage of the open lanes and suck down the middle of the field taking out players in succession and bunkering out Allan just as he'd fixed his hopper. So it was off to the 3rd and 4th playoffs for ZOO Vs Ultimate Speed.

Photo courtesy of Hero Wang

Ultimate Speed had shown great form throughout the weekend. We managed to win the first game but they took early heads in the second game so it was down to the final game to decide who was going to take 3rd. They laned Robert off the break leaving us weak on the snake side and I was shot out not long after. The remaining players tried to hold on to the game but it wasn't to be our weekend, so we had to settle for 4th place. This finish should still keep us at the top of the Division 3 rankings for the season but we definitely have to go back to drilling hard to improve some elements of our game if we want to dominate as much as we did in Leg 1.

Thanks to Shameen from Angel Paintball Asia, Jane from Red Sevens and X-Fox for their help on the weekend. Stay tuned for more exciting news this week.

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