ZOO 3rd Place at MPOC Leg 1 2012

The first event for 2012 was MPOC (Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit) - a five event series played at venues throughout Malaysia. Having had previous success at leg 1 MPOC events, ZOO decided to participate in the revised Division 2 format, which was to be Race-to-3 (meaning the first team to win 3 points wins the match.) This time around we had to call numerous guest players as our own squad were either broke, busy or had work commitments. We invited 2 players from our rival Singapore team Red Sevens and other Malaysian friends to play with ZOO.

Day 1 was a solid day of play and we only lost 1 of our 5 matches and gave ourselves a chance at a finals spot on Sunday. Unfortunately we didn't have an answer for the well drilled Grammaton Clerics and we lost to them 2-1. In the play off for 3rd and 4th place, ZOO faced KSK Flash. We easily won the first 2 points and KSK handed us the 3rd point only coming on to the field with 4 players. A 3rd place with a ragtag assortment of players that had never played together before wasn't a bad result for ZOO.

Check it out!