ZOO Win Back-To-Back Singapore Paintball Titles

ZOO Singapore Paintbal Open Division Champions

April 2011

ZOO paintball team convincingly defeated team SKIN 2-0 in last weekend's Singapore Paintball Series, making it back-to-back championships in the Open Division of Singapore's premier paintball tournament event.

The Singapore based team, founded in 2008 by a group of console gamers achieved yet another milestone in their competitive paintball history.

In 2010, the team became the first Singapore team to win an event at the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) and finished 6th place in the 2010 World Cup Asia international paintball tournament.

During the Preliminary rounds of SPS played on Saturday, ZOO didn't have everything go their way. Out of 6 matches against other local paintball teams, ZOO managed only 3 wins, failing to take advantage of early game leads and finding themselves in an unfamiliar position at the end of the day.

Fortunately in a day of game upsets, ZOO managed to finish the Prelims ranked 4th giving them a chance at coming back to play in the Semi-finals on Sunday.

In the Semi-finals, ZOO were drawn against team Outlaws who had finished the prelim rounds ranked 1st overall. In a best of 3 game match, ZOO started off strongly by eliminating key players on the opposition side. Game 1 went to ZOO in just over a minute.

In game two, Outlaws changed their tactics and inserted one of their more experienced players into the snake bunker. ZOO Captain Grant Harrison quickly counter attacked, bunkering out the snake player on the highway side and eliminating the remaining two Outlaw players to win the Semi-final 2-0.

In the other Semi-final match, SPS favourites Contract Killers SG were defeated by newcomers SKIN.

The SPS Finals between ZOO and SKIN proved to be a friendly affair as both teams often train and play together. Even so, neither team wanted to finish the day defeated.

In game 1 ZOO targeted SKIN's attacking players, eliminating one of them off the break and quickly gaining control of the game. There was little SKIN could do to hold ground and eventually all 5 players were eliminated giving ZOO a 1-0 lead. In the second game, both teams had early eliminations. SKIN attempted to take control of the game by pushing up over the 50 center line via the snake side but ZOO luckily saw this move and countered quickly, eliminating the snake player and the remaining opposition players to defeat SKIN 2-0.

Describing their first title win for 2011, ZOO Captain Grant Harrison said "It was a welcome relief to see the team come back on Sunday and play as well as we did. Winning on home soil in front of friends and family is also a great feeling!"

ZOO travel to Bangkok Thailand at the end of May to compete in the Paintball Asia League (PALS) international tournament against teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, France, Japan, Kuwait and the UAE.

Final Results Singapore Paintball Series Leg 1
1st - ZOO
2nd - SKIN
3rd - Outlaws
4th - Contract Killers SG



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