ZOO - 4th MPOC Leg 5 / 2nd Overall Season Ranking

ZOO traveled to KL for the 5th and final leg of the Malaysian Official Paintball Circuit. The team were 60 points behind top ranked Division 3 team Hammer Zero, with a very outside chance of overthrowing them if they failed to make it to the quarter finals. We didn't expect Hammer Zero to play that badly, so we were resolved to hopefully just finish the last tournament with a good placing. With new sponsors Fat Boy pods supplying great pods for the tournament, we were ready to roll.

Our prelim performance was very mild. We had some great wins but we also had some poor performances and made some costly errors. The marshals were heavy on the one 4 one calls and we fell victim to a lot of these calls but all teams found themselves in the same situations so it evened things out. The field layout limited breakout options - those teams that took risks and made their bunkers were rewarded - it all depended on the oppositions laning skills and players ability to react quickly to changes in plays.

The 2nd day of prelims was better for us and we started with 3 straight wins and finished prelims 5th ranked with 6 wins and 4 losses. Quarter finals had us playing Rainforest 7 Tigers (4th) and Spunky Militia (8th) and Grammaton Clerics (1st). We managed to win our first two games which assured us of a Semi Finals spot against Demonz Lucifer X. Our first match against Demonz was over before it even started with 2 one 4 one calls off the break leaving me wondering where the team had gone... The 2nd match was a little tighter but we lost too many players early and couldn't hold on.

So it was on to the finals for a 3rd or 4th place finish against Grammaton Clerics. Our first match was tight but they managed to gain the advantage and overpowered us. The 2nd match was probably the worst we'd played all tournament. Grammaton Clerics dorito side player saw an opening when our dorito side went down and stormed down the field taking the remaining players out in the quickest game of the competition. So it was a 4th place finish for ZOO.

It was a bitter end to our season given that after MPOC leg 2, ZOO looked all but unstoppable to take out the Series Championship. Despite the 'case of the stolen markers' and having battled with broken and borrowed markers for 2 legs of MPOC, I'm proud of the team and the way we just got on with it. As a Singaporean team with no true home playing field, we have performed better than any of our predecessors and hopefully have encouraged many more to take up competition paintball. Finishing 2nd ranked in the overall placings against some seasoned Malaysian teams is something to be proud of.

ZOO will next be competing in the Singapore Paintball Series and the World Cup Asia.


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