ZOO 2nd place at MPOC Leg 4

In the 4th leg of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit, ZOO had our 3rd podium finish for the season, coming 2nd to a determined Hammer Zero in a finals match that was interrupted by Monsoon rains and delays.

On Saturday ZOO had what we described as an average prelim result, finishing 2nd out of 9 teams and making it to the quarter finals. On Sunday ZOO managed to finish on top of our quarter finals group which saw us facing Rhymber X in the Semi Finals match. ZOO managed to defeat Rhymber X in 2 games giving us a chance at the championship against Hammer Zero.

Unfortunately monsoon rains came flooding down halfway through the first finals games making it near impossible to see or shoot and Hammer Zero took advantage with aggressive play to take game 1. After an hour of delay and much debate about whether the matches would be completed or carried on at MPOC Leg 5, all teams decided to complete the matches in the rain and fading light. Unfortunately for ZOO we didn't do enough technical checks prior to going back on to the field and two gun jams caused by wet paint had the team without the fire power to hold off Hammer Zero. While it was a good result for the team we are hungry to bring back another trophy so we're all looking forward to leg 5 where we hope to exact some revenge.

Thanks very much to Shameen from Angel Paintball Sports Asia and Angel Paintball Sports for their continued support. The Angel A1 Flys were doing damage all weekend and the Angel Pro Battle Pack harnesses proved to be very comfortable and kept our pods in reach and ready for reloads.

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