ZOO Win the Singapore Paintball Series 2012 Leg 1

Singapore 15th July.

ZOO have continued to solidify their position as Singapore's No. 1 paintball team by winning the first leg of the Singapore Paintball Series 2012, played at Ferrer Park Soccer Fields.

Having fallen short of a good result in leg 2 of the 2011 SPS competitione2C the team were determined to prove their skills in 2012. Rain during the prelims on Day 1 made the field slick and muddy. With only 4 teams competing in highest Open Division of SPS, all teams were not only working out how to play the field but also how to play the competition. Two teams from Cherry Red Sevens, the Contract Killers (SG) and ZOO played a round robin Race-to-2 format, with teams playing one team twice.

Also for th% first time at SPS, ZOO would be shooting our very own Angel A1 Fly markers since the organisers had arranged with the Singapore Police Force to allow the importation of markers. This we hoped would make a big difference to the way we played.

On paper, our biggest competition of the weekend was Cherry Red Sevens 2 (the Seniors) whose team comprised of most of the players from their MPOC Division 2 Series winning team. They proved they were SPS contenders by winning all their preliminary matches and not dropping a point. ZOO finished the prelims ranked 2nd having lost a game to both Cherry Red Sevens teams, with Cherry Red Sevens 1 (the Juniors) finishing ranked 3rd and Contract Killers SG ranked 4th.

ZOO played Cherry Red Sevens 1 in the 2nd Semi Finals match. We reconfigured our break out plan from the one's we were using on Saturday to ensure we could hold or take advantage of either side of the field. Generally everything went to plan and we defeated Cherry Red Sevens 1 with a score of 2-0 to give us an SPS Finals match against their senior team.

In the battle for 3rd and 4th placings Contract Killers SG managed to step up their game against Cherry Red Sevens 1 and defeated them 2-0.

ZOO had a clear plan for controlling Cherry Red Sevens 2 and surprisingly we started off the more aggressive of the two teams, controlling both sides of the field and quickly taking the first point. Cherry Red Sevens 2 changed up their breakout in the 2nd point and sent a player straight up the middle. This caught our players off-guard and the Cheery Red Sevens 2 quickly got a player advantage. Despite the best efforts of our last 2 players to hold on, they were over-run and shot out. Unfortunately for Cherry Red Sevens 2 the player that pressed the game buzzer was deemed to have been hit but their remaining player, had already exited the field, so the game was declared a draw and a penalty awarded in Zoo's favour.

The Cherry Red Sevens 2 had to start the 3rd and final point with only 4 players, since there was no players to pull off for the previous game's penalty. With 1 minute on the game clock, we instructed our players to stay tight and control the flow of the game as much they could to run the clock down. Lucky for us we laned their snake player out off the break, giving us a 2 player advantage over our opponents. The game was over in less than a minute and ZOO had pulled off an upset by beating the tournament favourites. It was an emotional win for one of our players who had just lost his mother to cancer 2 weeks prior. We dedicated the win to her as she was always a great supporter of our team.

ZOO would like to thank the SPS organisers and SPS Referees for their ongoing support of paintball in Singapore. The events just keep getting better and better. The 2nd leg of SPS will be in October and ZOO will once again be aiming to take out the SPS series title.

ZOO 6th Place at PALS Bankgkok 2012

PALS Bangkok 2012 was to be ZOO's second appearance at the event. Short of squad numbers this year, we again invited the Red Sevens to join us; Ben, Jane, Arthur and Jason and 2 Pandomonium players Jay and Joran. It was a last minute decision to attend but the event is always well organised and Bangkok, Thailand is such a fun place to travel to... until you get to immigration which takes over an hour of long queuing to pass through.

There were 10 teams competing in Division 2 from Thailand, Japan, Guam, Malaysia and Canada. We didn't have any dedicated dorito side front players and only 1 snake player, so we lacked the front player speed and had to rely on our laning ability. The 2 prelim days proved ok for the team but we drew a match with Siam-X  in a match that we had vitually won but ran out of time to press the buzzer. This loss proved to be our nemesis as we finished the prelims in 8th position which meant our Quarter Finals match would be against the top seeded team Rockstar Canada, who hadn't lost a match all weekend. A better qualifying position could have seen us matched up against teams we had already beaten or at least had a better chance of defeating.

In our Quarter Final match up against Rockstar Canada the first point was tight but the Canadian's eventually rolled over us. In the second point we laned out 2 players off the break and won the point in less than a minute. The 3rd point was tight but we lost too many players on our dorito side and couldn't contain them pushing up the field. The 4th point was another close battle but Rockstar Canada proved too strong for us beating us 3-1. They eventually went on to win every other match of the weekend to be crowned PALS BKK champions. The Guam All Stars who we had beaten in the prelims, placed 2nd with Arowana from Thailand 3rd. With points for and against we finished 6th place overall which is a better result than our previous year's placing in Bangkok.

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