MPOC 2009


MPOC 2009, first D3 season, many defeats, much stress, first MPOC podium finish.

Most of the team only started playing paintball in 2008. We knew nothing of the sport, how to play, what commitment was required or what to expect of the year ahead. After seeing our first eMarker tournament in JB in July 2008 I think most of us agreed, given our ages and our hunger to dive head first into the world of paintball, that plodding along for a season in Division 4 using mechanical markers would set our development back an entire season. We were lucky to be sponsored by KEE Action Sports and Napshot Paintball for the 2009 season, played World Cup Asia at the end of 2008 and the entire MPOC season in 2009. We had team mates move on, we found new team mates, we had markers stolen then returned and we had many losses and some hard fought wins. By the end of the 2009 season we had achieved our first MPOC podium finish. 2009 was an interesting year. 2010 is even going to be more interesting.


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