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ZOO sponsored by Angel


ZOO are proud to announce that Angel Paintball Sports Asia and Angel Paintball Sports will be sponsoring ZOO for all future tournament events.

Some of the team were lucky enough to take part in the Maximus One with the Gun clinic in November 2008 where we got to look at the latest in Angel products. Joy Division's long partnership with Angel speaks volumes for the support Angel Paintball Sports put back into the industry. Angel have been innovators in marker design since the paintball boom-days of 2004 when the Angel A4 was the marker of choice.

After establishing ourselves as a paintball team that dared to prove our critics wrong, Angel Paintball Sports Asia and Angel Paintball Sports have thrown their support behind team ZOO. The team will be shooting the latest Angel marker model, the Angel A1 Fly for all future tournaments.


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